Linda has been training for 35 years, and in that time has worked with many dressage luminaries. "I am a firm believer of taking lessons: every chance I have I go to clinics to further my riding ability."

Sidley Payne was Linda's first influence in dressage. She taught Linda the importance of sitting in the saddle correctly. Sidley would lunge Linda for hours drilling her balanced seat. I attribute my seat to her a do a lot of lunging work with my students so they can feel a proper seat.

Linda also spent nine years with the late Detrich Von Hopfgarten. He was always for the horse and tought you a positive kind way to get the most out of your partner. He would do many gymnastic patterns and focus on the throroughness of the horse.

Steffen Peters, another mentor, helped Linda perfect her discipline. When riding a test of specific movement he taught her how prepare well in advance. "It's not how well you execute it, i'ts how well you prepare for it and that makes the execution that much better" says Linda.

Linda also does rehabilitation work on horses. She receives horses that are poorly trained or injured, and through accupunture, propper balance shoeing, cavaletti, propper riding she reconditions them by building the muscles and top line brining the back to the performance level happily.

Linda always emphasizes the classicle aspect of dressage in her training. I welcome all ages and levels of riders, whether they want to learn good bassics or compete in shows and clinics.

Linda in her spare time Breeds and Shows Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Affenpincher and is A breeder of Merit with AKC

Linda Shue Dressage Training